“Finally found the time to start looking after myself having reached the grand age of 60 my mouth was in a pretty poor state my dentist recommended the Dental health Spa in Brighton to give me a deep clean as I was on the brink of major gum problems and badly stained teeth I thought I was beyond help but after my very first visit the results were amazing and my confidence was being restored to be able to smile again without thinking can’t do that without covering my mouth and worrying about bad breath I have been going every 3 months to get my mouth into tip top condition and now feel I am able to say my teeth and gums feel fantastic and strong and feel confident to laugh smile talk and kiss without worrying what people think of my teeth I can’t thank Christina enough and look forward to my visits to the Brighton Dental Health Spa and would recommend to anyone who think they are
beyond help its never too late to start looking after no 1. 
Big Thank you Christina”

Brenda Mulkerrin

“I was so afraid of the dentist that I had not been for over 10 years. I thought that the damage to my teeth and gums was irreversible and that I would spend the rest of my 40’s looking at teeth & gums that were unattractive and ageing. I had stopped smiling in photographs and could barely manage a Posh Spice pout. My teeth really affected my confidence and I felt ashamed if someone sat close to me and could see my puffy red gums.
By going in to the The Dental Health Spa, to use the Vibration Exercise Plates upstairs, I saw these friendly,happy people all with gorgeous teeth. I began to think could they help me and could I overcome a fear that was making me miserable. So just over a year ago I made an appointment. I was so anxious and shaking as I sat down in the chair. But Annie and Christina were amazing, they didn’t judge or criticise and talked me through the treatment I needed. It wasn’t always pleasant but it was never painful.
I kept focus on the end result and visited each time ever hopeful that I was closer to a smile I could be proud of.
A year on my gums are the healthiest they have been in over a decade. They are pink and fleshy and don’t bleed when I brush my teeth. The bonding treatment I have had to change the look of my teeth can only be described as a miracle. Annie has given me the smile that I dreamed of. The Dental Heath Spa team have completely changed my outlook on visiting the dentist and shown me that it’s never too late to start smiling again!”


“As an actress ,and especially with the advance of HD television I was self-conscious about my teeth on camera. My teeth were not terrible but I knew they could be improved. I went to the Dental Health Spa and talked to Christina and Annie about C Fast, a system of braces which corrects the ‘social six’ teeth top and bottom, (canine to canine). Because of work commitments I wanted it to be quick. Christina was meticulous in making sure my teeth and gums were in good condition before I started, then Annie took me through the whole process. Annie’s care and attention to detail was faultless. Within six weeks my braces were off, I then had Zoom whitening a painless relaxing hour and half in the chair and my teeth were brighter and whiter than they had been in years. 2 weeks later with Annie’s artistry, using bonding she made the final adjustments. I am absolutely thrilled with the result and cannot praise Christina, Annie and her team at Dental Spa enough, and would, and have, recommended them to everyone! It’s also a lovely friendly atmosphere. It’s the best fun I’ve ever had ‘going to the dentist’!”

Felicity Dean

  • “I am only 10 so my mum helped me fill this out but I loved coming to Dental Health Spa and will be coming for all of my future dental treatment as it’s fun, interesting and not at all scary.”

  • “Since attending the Dental Health Spa, I have changed from being an extremely anxious and nervous patient to someone who is confident and comfortable when attending dental and hygeine appointments.”

  • “Cristina has put me at ease so that I am no longer anxious and scared of going for hygiene treatments. It is only because of her that I keep going back for my regular checkups. My anxiety levels are down from 9 to 2. Thank you.”

  • For over 35 years I have had an inherent fear and phobia of dentists, due to a very traumatic experience as a child. This phobia has resulted in my not visiting a dentist and naturally, has had a negative effect on my teeth and oral hygiene. After a recommendation, I reluctantly visited Dental Health Spa, and I am very pleased to say that over time, Christina and her team have managed to help me conquer my phobia…..I would happily recommend Dental Health Spa and when I go for my treatments and checkups, it is akin to visiting friends.”

  • Having been referred to a Periodontal Consultant because of serious Gum Disease, I was concerned about the potential cost of treatment. A friend, who had been successfully treated for the same issue, recommended Christina at the Dental Health Spa as a Hygienist with the knowledge and skills to carry out extensive deep cleaning, which was what the Periodontist had proposed.
    Christina has done an excellent job. My gums are now healthy, my teeth are feeling tight and stable and I have no bleeding when cleaning my teeth. The cost has been under half of the estimate from the Periodontist.

    Take care.

    Bob Aspinall