Cfast blog

I knew cfast cosmetic tooth straightening system would benefit many of my patients but I am overwhelmed by its success at the Dental health Spa. My patients have been so impressed with how well disguised the tooth coloured system is and in particular with how quickly it works. Brides-to-be have been very happy with their newly straightened teeth in time for their big day. It has even helped those patients who are extremely nervous of dental treatment in general due to the easy short appointments and minimal discomfort involved.

It is clear the combination of cosmetic tooth straightening, whitening and small tooth coloured fillings is the most minimally invasive, affordable and effective way to create whole new smile.

Sam complained about one tooth which had always annoyed her because it sat behind her other front teeth. She was very happy her treatment was complete within two months.


Sarah again had one tooth that annoyed her because of how it was positioned it stained very easily and appeared “like a missing tooth” in photographs. After just six months of treatment her smile was transformed. Sarah then opted for whitening to enhance her smile further