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Dental organisations

Orthodontal treatment

  • Total orthodontics
    Orthodontal treatment is not offered at Dental Health Spa. Total orthodontics can provide you with more information of a service near you.

Mouth Cancer awarnes information

  • Mouth Cancer Action Month
    Mouth Cancer Action is a charity campaign which aims to raise awareness of mouth cancer and make a difference by saving thousands of lives through early detection and prevention.
  • Moveit4Smiles
    Moveit4smiles is an oral health initiative with a simple aim, to get moving and raise money in the fight against mouth cancer.
  • Cancer Research UK
    Information and statistics about oral and other types of cancer.
  • Mouth Cancer Foundation
    Raising awareness of mouth cancer.
  • Mouth Cancer Awareness
    Raising awareness of mouth cancer – Run by British Dental Foundation.
  • HPV Action
    Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is the cause of numerous diseases, including fatal cancers. It has been estimated that HPV is the cause of 5% of all cancer cases.


  • St. George’s Clinic
    Skin aesthestics centre found on the first floor of Dental Health Spa.
  • Willie Hendry Hair
    Willie Hendry’s exclusive hairdressing salon found on the first floor of Dental Health Spa.

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