Delivering the healthy smile you have always wanted by providing the highest standards in preventative routine dental care and restorative treatments.

Composite Bonding

Composite Bonding has evolved as a minimally invasive treatment that improves the teeth shape and size without removal of the tooth structure. It can transform the appearance, shape, shade and colour of teeth on the same day, giving you a new smile instantly.

Cosmetic Dentistry

A beautiful smile is an amazing confidence boost. At Dental Health Spa we offer a wide range of cosmetic dental treatments like composite bonding, veneers, crowns and teeth straightening, delivered by our highly skilled and caring team.

A man sitting in a dentist's chair.
A person is holding a shopping bag with a smiley face on it.

Invisalign® Braces

Invisalign® is the most popular and clinically proven system of clear removable aligners designed to straighten your teeth discreetly. Want a new straight smile and confidence boost? See how you could benefit from Invisalign at the Dental Health Spa.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening helps to keep your smile white and bright, our professional whitening treatments can quickly and safely remove stains and whiten your smile to leave you feeling 100% Kissable! Safe and professional we can brighten and whiten your smile.

A man is getting his teeth cleaned.

Hygiene Treatments

We offer a full range of Hygiene treatments using the award-winning EMS Airflow® with Guided Biofilm Therapy -GBT. Our hygienists and therapists can help safeguard your gums by removing harmful bacteria from below the gum line and getting your oral health back on track.

General Dentistry

We provide a full range of general dentistry that is non-judgemental, caring and pain-free. Regular Dental Examinations are the best way to prevent future dental problems. We welcome new patients and offer high-quality care in a relaxed environment.

A man and a little girl getting their teeth checked.

Restorative Dentistry

Our team are highly skilled in Restorative Dentistry – we offer Fillings, Crowns, Bridges, Dentures and Dental Implants. If you are looking for restorative care that’s high quality and affordable get in touch.

Facial Aesthetics

Facial aesthetic treatments are offered from our highly skilled team who are both dentally trained andis aesthetics provider too. We use modern techniques to rejuvenate your appearance. From anti-wrinkle injections to smile line education, we can use dermal filler treatments to help you reverse the impact age has on your appearance. Leaving you looking and feeling great!

A woman getting a laser treatment in a dentist's office.

Emergency Treatments

We offer appointments for all dental emergencies from toothache to lost or broken crowns chipped teeth and fillings to abscesses, trauma, avulsed teeth and facial swelling. We can take care of your injuries to ensure you heal quicker and more effectively, ensuring that you avoid additional dental problems and complications in the future.

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