Believe in yourself

What a difference four years makes…looking back to 2012…

The Olympic Games are in full swing again,  and we are in the medals!. Looking back to 2012  I remember how inspired I was by our Olympians’ mantra of creating a legacy which would inspire a generation and ensure that sport is accessible to everybody. They’ve certainly done that, and continue to do so.

The day the Olympic games launched in 2012 the Spa team were set to take our campaign to the Brighton consumer. We were making a video- “Chrissie’s Angels”, and  we wanted to make Dentistry more accessible. There was a widespread assumption that the only people capable of offering oral hygiene advice and services are dentists and in-house dental hygienists.

My dream, my vision, was to open up the doors into dental care and create a model that makes Dentistry less intimidating and more accessible, welcoming and convenient, to allow people to get their teeth cleaned, their gums treated and general oral health assessed with the same ease and convenience of getting their eyes tested.

It is only really in the last year that my vision for The Dental health Spa has come to fruition,  with a team of hygienists alongside our very friendly dentists. It might have taken nine years from my initial planning, and creation of The Dental Health Spa, and four years since we made the video, but  when you really believe, with drive and passion, you can achieve what some think is impossible.

Here’s a reminder of that day with our now very own resident Hairdresser, Willie Hendry  , preparing our hair for the day. ( Well wigs actually, but as you can see we had a lot of fun on that day back in 2012)

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