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Dental Health Spa was conceived in September 2007 by Clinical Director and 2011’s Dental Hygienist of the Year finalist, Christina Chatfield. “I had a vision to open a new hygiene-led oral health care clinic on the high-street, where oral health care could become both accessible and demystified. That vision is Dental Health Spa”.

At Dental Health Spa we strive to offer you, the consumer, the very best in contemporary dental care. Our highly qualified professional dental practitioners provide care and treatment regardless of your current or previous dental history and we pride ourselves in making your experience at Dental Health Spa as relaxing as possible.

Dental Health Spa is not a dental surgery as you know it! At Dental Health Spa we work in an open environment, protecting your privacy without conducting our treatments behind intimidating closed doors. Relax on our comfy sofa whilst you wait and gaze at the Brighton-inspired artwork on our walls. Our surgeries are state of the art with the best in equipment and stringent sterilisation procedures. Many of our patients have come to us because of dental phobia. We will work with you to combat this fear, so if you are worried just let us know.

We are a contemporary clinic and in the modern world, the importance of first impressions should not be underestimated. However, we have all heard the horror stories about tooth bleaching going terribly wrong. Spa White teeth whitening gives you the opportunity to brighten your smile with a range of affordable treatments in full confidence, knowing that you are receiving professional treatment from reliable practitioners that specialise in working with teeth.

Dental care is not just for adults and in 2009 we launched our children’s clinic, Spa Kids. We are one of just three dental clinics in the south of England with state-of-the-art Oral Insights technology. Oral Insights lets your children watch on screen as they clean their own teeth, highlighting problem areas, using this we can teach your children how to brush their teeth properly, before the bad habits set in.

We are friendly, welcoming and always happy to see a new face, so do pop in and have a chat or simply give us a call. Hopefully see you soon!

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Hygienist of the Year – 2012
Best Dental Marketing – 2012

Best Customer Service – 2013